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Bug#99926: new rawrite update


Looks like this will be a good replacement for rawrite.  Therefore we
want to make changes to:

These two files should be added:

And the README should be patched like this:
--- README.orig	Fri Nov 23 21:08:17 2001
+++ README	Fri Nov 23 21:57:20 2001
@@ -6,3 +6,8 @@
 rawrite1.zip   rawrite version 1.3             (rawrite 2.0 is much faster, but
 rawrite2.zip   rawrite version 2.0               it locks up on some machines.)
 unz512x3.exe   Info-ZIP's free UnZipper for DOS
+rawwritewin.zip   Win32 version of rawrite runs on Windows 95, NT, 98, 2000, 
+                  ME, XP and probably later versions.
+diskio.zip        Under 95, 98 & ME you need diskio.dll.  It must be in 
+                  the same directory as rawwritewin.exe. (uncompressed)

In the near future (once I have gotten someone to test that the files
can actually be unzipped and run on a windows box, I zipped them under
Linux) I'll reassign this bug to ftp.debian.org.


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