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Bug#99926: new rawrite update

I downloaded then both and they tested and extracted fine with WinZip
and pkunzip (the two unzippers I had handy)... I'm sure they're
perfectly valid archives that should work with anything...

This probably won't be a big issue since most people don't use DOS zip
utils with Win32, but pkunzip insisted on using the 8.3 name for the
file (rawrit~1.zip) and unzipped to a truncated name (rawwrite.exe)...
To avoid that (though it won't happen to many people), you might want to
stick to the DOS 8.3 convention on both the archive name and its

... Adam Conrad

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From: David Kimdon [mailto:dwhedon@dualmedia.fr] On Behalf Of David
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Subject: Bug#99926: new rawrite update


These two files should be added:


In the near future (once I have gotten someone to test that the files
can actually be unzipped and run on a windows box, I zipped them under
Linux) I'll reassign this bug to ftp.debian.org.


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