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Re: aptitude rather than dselect for Woody, Please?

Joey Hess wrote:
> Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:
> >  Has it been discussed already?  I'd really love to see aptitude
> >  rather than dselect in Woody!  It's working really well these days;
> >  has not segv'd in several months.  dselect has finally been outdone!
> Does it handle installs from multi-cd sets correctly? I have thought
> about offering console-apt/deity as an option, but was told it still had
> problems in that area.
> I'd love to offer an option, but it needs to be mature and more
> user-friendly than dselect. And we're mere days away from freezing base.

The other problem with console-apt is that it has no way to recognize
dpkg --set-selections settings. Since tasksel uses that to mark what
packages are selected, it really needs to be supported by the secondary
package selector. Of course dselect supports it.

see shy jo

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