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Re: Funny console colors

What install did you do? Woody? Potato?

I know that, because of my hardware (PM G3/266, Voodoo3), some 2.4 kernels 
give me all kinds of funky colors. Lately, though (2.4.14 + kernels), the 
console has been black and white. I also just found out that I have to put 
'noaccel' in my kernel arguments, to make the text in the console readable. 


On Sunday 18 November 2001 23:42, Chris Tillman wrote:
> I did a new install on a PowerBase 150 this afternoon. When the
> installer disk booted, the letters were bright red rather than
> white. Then the installer system had a light orange/orange background
> instead of black/blue. It was all readable, though, just odd.
> Finally when I got everything installed (went very smoothly btw), and
> rebooted, the tty1 was still in bright red/black. The really interesting
> part is that tty2 is dark red, tty3 is green, tty4 is apparently
> black/black, tty5 dark blue, and tty6 seems to be dark green on a
> lighter black background.
> Any clue how this is happening and how to fix it? I was going to go
> searching for how to set console colors (tried stty first, it wasn't
> in there), but since they're all different and it was even different
> in the installer, I wondered if maybe there's something else wrong.

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