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Funny console colors

I did a new install on a PowerBase 150 this afternoon. When the
installer disk booted, the letters were bright red rather than
white. Then the installer system had a light orange/orange background
instead of black/blue. It was all readable, though, just odd. 

Finally when I got everything installed (went very smoothly btw), and
rebooted, the tty1 was still in bright red/black. The really interesting
part is that tty2 is dark red, tty3 is green, tty4 is apparently
black/black, tty5 dark blue, and tty6 seems to be dark green on a
lighter black background.

Any clue how this is happening and how to fix it? I was going to go
searching for how to set console colors (tried stty first, it wasn't
in there), but since they're all different and it was even different
in the installer, I wondered if maybe there's something else wrong.

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