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Bug#119825: Wrong boot= line in lilo.conf

Eduard Bloch wrote:

The machine had 2 disks: hdc as the target, hdd as the source. There was

This configuration is not a sane one. Your BIOS maybe can map hdc to the
"first" boot disk from the DOS' point of view, but Linux does not know
anything about such tricks.

Well, it seems to just work fine. :-o

nothing on the primary IDE interface. After choosing to install lilo in the MBR, it only offered to install it into hda. Then lilo tried that,

Well, this is apparently a bug, but not easy to fix. We could modify the
LILO installation method to detect such situations, but it would cause
some interaction with users which probably would not understand what the
problem is.

That's true, *I* don't really know what's the problem. :)

correcting it to boot=/dev/hdc lilo installed itself succesfully, and the system could boot.

Sure you could? Normally, this would fail since LILO threats hdc as 0x82

Yes, I can boot flawlessly with that setup. If it shouldn't work I can post all the details of my HW and config files, just ask.

		Bug Hunter

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