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Re: Translation statistics

Claus Hindsgaul:

> Yes, you are right. I do not know how tight we need to prioritize. I
> vote for Swedish too. They both have dbootstrap and the boot disk
> text files translated, and quite well updated (se below).

If someone could tell me, say, one or two days before the releases of
the package, I could keep them up-to-date at all times. Now I generally
hear about new releases too late...

Speaking of including the Swedish translation or not; I might have
missed parts of this, but is it only on the floppy based installation
that the language list will be truncated? On the cd based installation,
there will not be a limitiation, right?

> The figure is even worse for the install manual. *No* languages but
> fr, de and da have touched welcome.sgml since February!

Regarding Swedish; there is no Swedish translation of the install
manual. I have selected not to do that (translating www.debian.org,
boot-floppies and dpkg is enough for one person). Besides, if that one
is available in Danish, translating it into Swedish wouldn't add that

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