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Re: debian-installer status

Erm, it's been so long that I forgot. We do use devfs. We still have to
provide a number of compatability links in /dev, since a lot of stuff,
expecially libraries, doesn't support the devfs names yet. Everything
we're foing for d-i should use the devfs names, if possible.

console  loop1  loop6  ram@   ram12  ram2  ram7    tty0  tty5  urandom
core@    loop2  loop7  ram0   ram13  ram3  ram8    tty1  tty6  zero
full     loop3  mem    ram1   ram14  ram4  ram9    tty2  tty7
kmem     loop4  null   ram10  ram15  ram5  random  tty3  tty8
loop0    loop5  port   ram11  ram16  ram6  tty     tty4  tty9

Not too bad. I'm not losing any sleep over this, that's for sure.

> Oh, and speaking of kernels.. I've always wondered how much extra bloat is in
> the kernels - if you put a Makefile directive stripping each object file at
> some point, whether it'd still boot.  Once I tried running strip on a vmlinux
> image, but it didn't work for obvious reasons.  Still, some chunks might be
> reduced in size.

We strip modules as much as is possible. I have never heard of stripping
the kernel itself.

see shy jo

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