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Re: debian-installer status

Rob Bos wrote:
> >                 - /dev is 3k bigger 
> How practical would it be to compile devfs and include devfsd in the
> bootfloppies?

If it wasn't for that 33k binary plus config files, I'd say go for it,
but we can't afford to bloat more right now.

> on my system, devfsd is 33k, 15k after gzip.  This would let b-f get rid of
> /dev/*, and could make for more reliable installation scripts (i.e, once
> you've inserted the module you can forget about whether there's a dev entry).

That is a good point indeed.

> I'm not sure if bootfloppies is using a 2.4 kernel, though.  Probably not,
> considering the massive increase in size between 2.2 and 2.4.

d-i is ignoring 2.2 -- 2.4 all the way.

see shy jo

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