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Re: boot-floppies broken with inconsistencies between "base" and "debootstrap"

Ethan Benson <erbenson@alaska.net> writes:

> about the proc mounting problem, its not clear at all why this is
> happening, i cannot reproduce it on powerpc at least, and bug #112778
> does NOT explain it (if you look close you see he is trying to install
> potato, and his patch only touches scripts/potato).

Going by memory here, but I though the forked install_deb thingie
would set the on_exit only in one of the forked copies, not helping
all that much.  I think you fixed that since we don't fork to anything
that adds to on_exit.

> has anyone looked at tty4 to see what real errors are being printed by
> chroot, mount or whatever when this failure occurs?  

I don't think any such errors are ever emitted.

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