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Re: Can a rescue floppy load some modules before the installer starts?

#include <hallo.h>
Kaz Sasayama wrote on Fri Oct 12, 2001 um 05:23:49PM:
> No, I had a report of a brand PC without both the legacy interface and 
> the legacy emulation, and that the official Debian 2.2 CD did not boot. 
>  They appears to have just made the PC for Windows only, not for other OSs.

Look at the subject, we are talking about keyboard/mouse modules. The
ability to boot may be not guaranteed on a such machine with the normal
floppies, but that problem has been discussed on this list and the
"compact" flavor should work on such systems, IIRC.

> Maybe the BIOS on such a machine hides the hardware difference well so 
> that most legacy programs can get input from the USB keyboard through 
> the modified BIOS.  Any direct keyboard hardware access is possibly no 
> longer supported on such a machine.

AFAIK there is no difference in "direct access" vs. "BIOS access".
Keyboard usage is allways did the same way, not like int13h (XT
harddisk emulation, also known as DOS IDE BIOS mode) or similar crap.

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