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Re: Can a rescue floppy load some modules before the installer starts?

Wed, Oct 10, 2001 at 06:49:50PM +0900 wrote:
> For some new legacy-free PCs, USB keyboard modules must be loaded by a
> rescue floppy before the Debian installer starts.  Is the current boot
> floppies ready for such things?

Mostly, I think.  Would the kernel detect for us that it needed a usb
module, or would we have to do something more than put it on the

> This issue is from a discussion with Herbert Xu, the i386 kernel-image
> maintainer.  I think it is better to add USB support to the kernel, but
> he seems unwilling to include USB support in the kernel and have
> suggested that it should be solved by boot floppies.  What do you think
> about it?
If a lot of users aren't going to be able to install if we don't do it
then we probably should do it.


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