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Re: Can a rescue floppy load some modules before the installer starts?

It is likely that these modules must be on the rescue root filesystems: usb-uhci, usb-ohci, usbkbd or hid, and keybdev. It will be easy to test if the machine has UHCI or OHCI USB controller through /proc/bus/pci, but it may be hard to detect if a USB keyboard is used as the only keyboard.

I'm afraid the floppy change for 1.44MB root floppy would require a keyboard?

David Kimdon wrote:

Mostly, I think.  Would the kernel detect for us that it needed a usb
module, or would we have to do something more than put it on the

If a lot of users aren't going to be able to install if we don't do it
then we probably should do it.

I'm afraid more (especially low-end) PCs will be legacy-free soon, as Intel have taken those legacy support out of their chipsets. PC manufacturers can easily make such a legacy-free PC now. So Debian should prepare for it today if possible IMHO.

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