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Re: Can a rescue floppy load some modules before the installer starts?

#include <hallo.h>
Kaz Sasayama wrote on Fri Oct 12, 2001 um 10:31:01AM:
> >If a lot of users aren't going to be able to install if we don't do it
> >then we probably should do it.
> I'm afraid more (especially low-end) PCs will be legacy-free soon, as 
> Intel have taken those legacy support out of their chipsets.  PC 
> manufacturers can easily make such a legacy-free PC now.  So Debian 
> should prepare for it today if possible IMHO.

Wait, wait, don't the modern BIOSes have emulation mode for common
legacy hardware? I cannot believe they would abolish all the support for
non-USB-aware operating systems, this would make all the stuff like boot
managers and required DOS tools unuseable.

Du hast recht, und er hat auch recht. Dein Argument ist, als ob Du
sagst, Krankenhäuser werden abgeschafft, die Apotheken sind doch voller
Medikamente und jeder kann sich für ein paar Mark bedienen;-).
                     (Hannes Birnbacher in de.comm.software.newsreader)

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