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3.0.14 Rules!

I installed 3.0.14 on an OldWorld PowerPC PowerBase 180. It rocks! Thanks
for adding the 8139 modules so I can Linux on this machine...

I have a few nitpicky things to mention and one serious suggestion.

During installation of any module, a message is shown

id: not found

If we don't find a way for it to disappear, we will certainly be answering
questions from every woody install user about it. Even though all of the
modules installed successfully, each one gave this message before doing its

The usb module section is described on the right side with just a .

None of the usb modules have descriptions available.

In the timezone selection dialog, the object with focus when the list of
cities comes up is 'Cancel'. That means the list doesn't have focus, and
down/up-arrow keys and letter typeahead don't work until the focus is
changed to the list. At least, that's how it happened to me. But maybe I
actually hit a left arrow before trying the down arrow and that's how I got
to the Cancel button. if so, please ignore.

Finally, two suggestions on quik setup. The scary 'Are you sure?' box could
have one more suggestion thrown in: if a boot: prompt is presented, try
typing 'Linux' and return. Because, that selects the Linux section in the
default quik.conf and it works.

Which leads me to my second suggestion. i played around with it a little and
I had never seen any documentation about the boot file mention anything
other than the path to the boot file. But I had noticed in yaboot, and the
same thing is true in quik, that it accepts a label from the quik.conf as
well as a path (assuming the conf file has been read successfully). So I
tried just setting the boot-file to Linux on my system, and it works. With
that one change from the default settings, my system became completely
bootable. (With auto-boot? true it boots straight from power-up into Linux).

So, would it make sense to have dbootstrap set boot-file to Linux by

At least on my machine, it would make the difference to getting a bootable
system the first time.

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