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Re: 3.0.14 Rules!

On Wed, Sep 26, 2001 at 10:45:39PM -0700, Chris Tillman wrote:
> I installed 3.0.14 on an OldWorld PowerPC PowerBase 180. It rocks! Thanks
> for adding the 8139 modules so I can Linux on this machine...
> I have a few nitpicky things to mention and one serious suggestion.
> During installation of any module, a message is shown
> id: not found

i wonder whats using id...  

> If we don't find a way for it to disappear, we will certainly be answering
> questions from every woody install user about it. Even though all of the
> modules installed successfully, each one gave this message before doing its
> thing.

probably, every little message that looks out of the ordinary prompts
endless mail...

> The usb module section is described on the right side with just a .
> None of the usb modules have descriptions available.

blame the kernel not boot-floppies.

> In the timezone selection dialog, the object with focus when the list of
> cities comes up is 'Cancel'. That means the list doesn't have focus, and
> down/up-arrow keys and letter typeahead don't work until the focus is
> changed to the list. At least, that's how it happened to me. But maybe I
> actually hit a left arrow before trying the down arrow and that's how I got
> to the Cancel button. if so, please ignore.

blame base-config.

> Finally, two suggestions on quik setup. The scary 'Are you sure?' box could
> have one more suggestion thrown in: if a boot: prompt is presented, try
> typing 'Linux' and return. Because, that selects the Linux section in the
> default quik.conf and it works.

staring at it for a couple seconds should also result in quik booting
that by default no?

that message is already long enough as it is, since i have noticed
most people doing installs have an attention span of about 1.002
seconds when reading dialogs if we make it too long/complicated they
will just ignore it and spam the list with `my komputer won't boot no
more, it just has a black screen'

> Which leads me to my second suggestion. i played around with it a little and
> I had never seen any documentation about the boot file mention anything
> other than the path to the boot file. But I had noticed in yaboot, and the
> same thing is true in quik, that it accepts a label from the quik.conf as
> well as a path (assuming the conf file has been read successfully). So I
> tried just setting the boot-file to Linux on my system, and it works. With
> that one change from the default settings, my system became completely
> bootable. (With auto-boot? true it boots straight from power-up into Linux).

boot-file overrides quik.conf, if you need it then something is wrong
with the quik.conf that we are generating and that should be fixed.

> So, would it make sense to have dbootstrap set boot-file to Linux by
> default?

no see above.

Ethan Benson

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