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Re: [Patch] pdf output from doc build has broken links

> Tue, Sep 25, 2001 at 05:09:13PM -0700 wrote:
>> Also, some links are made relative links by the web build process. Those
>> links work fine in the html format, but in the pdf format they are broken.
>> If you click on one of these links, acrobat reports a relative link not found
>> error. In sgml, the links work out to be absolute links, so there must be
>> something in the build process that causes this to occur.
> I can look at it, can you give me a specific example, and what pdf
> viewer you are using. I tried to find problems with gnome-gv, but it
> wasn't following any links, sigh.

Links that don't work are expressed as relative URLs in the pdf display and
in the html document. For example, section 4.2.1 Where to find installation
files, lists several links with the 'name' shortened so they fit on the
page. Clicking on one of these links gives the message "Cannot follow this
relative link".

I am using Acrobat 4.0 on MacOS, and looking at the PowerPC Install manual.
In the html version of the document, these links appear as:

n</a></code></dt> <dt><code><a
n</a></code></dt> <dt><code><a
escue.bin</a></code></dt> <dt><code><a

so they really are being generated as relative links. I note, though, there
is no <a base href="123"> type tag in the html page, so the only reason it
works is because the manual is actually being read in the /doc subdirectory
under current, and the leading .. takes the reader up to current, then down
to the installation files. I'm sure that's the reason they don't work in the
pdf doc, too.

The best way would be to prevent relative links from being generated. If all
links are absolute, they should work in html and pdf, whether live or saved
on disk.

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