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Re: [Patch] pdf output from doc build has broken links

Tue, Sep 25, 2001 at 05:09:13PM -0700 wrote:
> I noticed whenever a url link is nested inside a <file> tag, the
> pdflatex output is incorrect and unlinked. The patch below fixes that
> in the woody install manual.

applied, thanks.

> Also, some links are made relative links by the web build process. Those 
> links work fine in the html format, but in the pdf format they are broken. 
> If you click on one of these links, acrobat reports a relative link not found 
> error. In sgml, the links work out to be absolute links, so there must be 
> something in the build process that causes this to occur.
I can look at it, can you give me a specific example, and what pdf
viewer you are using. I tried to find problems with gnome-gv, but it
wasn't following any links, sigh. 


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