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Bug#107154: boot-floppies: debootstrap on sid exits abnormally

--- Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> wrote:
> Shriram Shrikumar <shri@urbyte.com> writes:
> > Package: boot-floppies
> > Version: N/A
> Which version are you using?

Guess it was 3.0.8 sice I wrote the installation disks using the
packages downloaded from

> > got the latest testing disks-i386 pakcage to intall sid / testing
> > over the internet and the network was set up and kernel packages
> > installed (from local hard drive).
> > 
> > When trying to install the base system, it would ask for the
> > location to download from, and then show an error saying
> debootstrap
> > exited abnormally and come back to the main menu. There was not
> more
> > information on the tty3.
> What media were you installing from?  The network?

Booted in using floppy, install kernel & modules from local hd and
tried to install base over the net. tried http://ft.uk.debian.org and
also the default US site. The US site managed to download till about
wingtail I think before bombing out after fiddling with the command
It would bomb out right after confirming location before if nothing
was done on the command line - dont know if there is any relationship

> > Attempted to run debootstrap manually, copying the commandline
> from
> > tty3, failed mentioning along the lines about architecture not
> > detected and other times about 3: invalid file descriptor.
> Is there anything odd about your machine?

Not as far as I know - PII 400Mhz with 256Mb RAM. I did manage to
install potato r2 using some cds which went fine. It was then
upgraded to sid without much trouble.

Some thoughts,

Would debootstrap bomb out if one of the packages its trying to
download is being updated ? Having asked that - I did try over a
period of about four hours, never getting any further than wingtail.

Debootstrap did not give much debugging info even when the
installation was started in the debug mode.

Would it be possible to display a more descriptive error instead of
'debootstrap exited abnormally'

Hope this helps, and please feel free to ask any further questions.


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