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Re: problem with common_posttasks

"Christian T. Steigies" <cts@debian.org> writes:

> this is bad

Well, removing it would be bad, because it would subject us to
whatever the umode is set to.

> release.sh:
> do_common_posttasks()
> {
>   #--------------------------------------------------------
>   # standard post stuff
>   #--------------------------------------------------------
>   # this script is self-destructing
>   echo "find . -type d -exec chmod 775 \{\} \;" >> $release/$bfinstall
>   echo "find . -type f -exec chmod 664 \{\} \;" >> $release/$bfinstall
>   echo "rm -f $bfinstall" >> $release/$bfinstall
> }
> I want two AmigaOS files to be executable in the archive. I added a chmod +x
> to the bf-archive-install.sh in do_arch_m68k(), but since
> do_common_posttasks() is called after that, the bits get lost again. Should
> I add it in do_common_posttasks or does somebody have a better idea?
> Maybe do_m68k_post_posttask?

Either is ok.

> Or is it forbidden to have executable files in the archive? Its pretty
> annoying when you have to set that bit under the native OS (and even more
> annoying that tar does not handle the bits correctly either...)

It would be more annoying to have improper perms happening randomly
due to the builders environment.

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