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Re: Build problem for Alpha bootdisks

Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:

> But didn't someone mention this was a sysvinit bug which was getting
> fixed?

I have no idea. In any case, as Ethan Benson already pointed out
(http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot-0107/msg00639.html), the current
method is wasteful because it downloads all dependencies. So I suggest
this as a workaround till we can get apt-get to ignore dependencies
*completely*, slightly modified from Ethan's suggestion:

## Download a package like apt-get would do; only ignore dependencies.
## This is a hack. Should apt-get ever get an option to do that, it
## should be used instead.
fake_get () {
    # HACK: we assume the first mirror is correct...
    local MIRROR="$(awk '/^deb / {print $2; exit}' sources.list)"
    for i in "$@" ; do
	# HACK: we assume the first package is correct...
	local PACKAGE="$(apt-cache show $i | awk '/^Filename:/ {print $2; exit}')"
	debug "downloading " $MIRROR/$PACKAGE
	(cd $archive/cache/archives && wget -q "$MIRROR/$PACKAGE")

It would be nice if somebody could try this for another architecture...


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