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Re: [dsh8290@rit.edu: Re: Base System release critical bug status II]

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

> Is it too late to make a suggestion for the woody cds?  If you look at
> yesterday's archives from -user you will see that I accidentally
> destroyed my partition table, though the data in the partitions was
> fine.  I had potato cds so I was able to boot with that and change the
> parition table.  The bigger problem was that I didn't remember exactly
> where the partitions where.  The program 'gpart' was an excellent help
> in finding where the partition boundaries were.

Yes, we won't be adding new things to the root filesystem here,
generally, unless absolutely necessary.

However, no problem in making recommendations in the documenation.
Patches, or even just blurbs of text, to the documentation are always

> My suggestion is that
> it and/or the vfat kernel module be included on the woody cd. 

It is included in the compact and idepci images.  For the other
kernels, there is a module you can load.

> PS.  It may just be me, but whenever I type "rescue" at the LILO
>      prompt when booting with the potato cd I get a kernel panic,
>      unable to mount root fs.  I can boot like a regular install and
>      then switch to VC2 to get a bare-bones shell and system.

See the documentation.  You need to use 'rescue root=partitionname'

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