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Re: woddy from disk install problem

Hi Robert,

> After correcting my fat fingering and downloading the "Release" and "Release.gpg"
> file from the ftp site I now get the message
> "Malformed release file /target/usr/woody/Release"

> > Note that unless you are interested in helping to debug the installation
> > process,
> I'll be happy to help. Is there a procedure I should follow and if so where is it
> documented?

Cool.  You've thrown us a curve ball b/c we haven't been doing
installations the way you are trying to proceed.  That doesnt' mean you are
wrong, just the boot-floppies isn't stable yet.  Not having the most up to
date .deb archive (you say your archive is 2 weeks old) may cause you
problems because packages are changing every day.

To start helping there are some documents in boot-floppies cvs :

> >
> > you should install "potato" instead, and then upgrade to "woody",
> Meaning install from CD and the get the packages from the woody directory on the
> ftp site and just install them all?
> > or wait until "woody" is released.
> Patience is not my strongest character trait when it comes to waiting for
> releases. Plus I do want to get started with the application process which means,
> according to the recommendations I should be familiar with what I want to do
> before I start the whole thing. To me this means packaging up the stuff I would
> like to maintain.

If you are really impatient you could try running debootstrap manually from
within the installer (there is the 'Execute a Shell' option) and then
hacking when things don't work, I don't know how far that would get you
though.  debootstrap is just some shell scripts so in principle you can
work around many issues like it complaining about the Release file.


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