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Re: upgrading to a premade kernel after installing with 3.0.7

Matt Zimmerman wrote:

On Wed, Jul 04, 2001 at 07:32:39PM +1000, Glenn McGrath wrote:

I installed testing yesterday.

tasksel was a problem, but thats been discussed i think.

The *major* problem i had was upgrading to pre-built 2.4.5 kernel post install, when i first installed 2.4.5 i was told to edit /etc/kernel-img.conf (that didnt exist yet) and add a line "Do_initrd = Yes" (is it case sensitive?), after the kernel package finished installing i found the file and edited it. When i rebooted the kernel couldnt find the root device.... i dunno what i wants as the root device, the real root device, or the initrd.

That's not exactly what you were told to do.  The message said to fix your
bootloader so that it would boot the initrd kernel, THEN change
/etc/kernel-img.conf to get rid of the warning message.  In the case of LILO,
this means adding an initrd= line to the proper stanza in /etc/lilo.conf.

This happened because the packaged 2.2 kernels don't use an initrd, while the
packaged 2.4 kernels do.  If you follow the instructions, everything works OK.

Fair enough, i just added the initrd= line and its fine, but still, im sure lots of people will make the mistake i did.

Maybe it should be in the documentation that comes with prebuilt kernels, i was looking through the package scripts for hints, but got sick of that pretty quick.


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