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Re: PPPoE and Boot Floppies

On Wed, Jul 04, 2001 at 12:27:03AM -0400, Russell Hires wrote:
> On Tuesday 03 July 2001 19:41, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > Regarding this whole PPPoE thing, can someone summarize to me or to
> > the todo file our approach, insofar as any changes dbootstrap/b-f
> > would have to make?
> Well, in potato, because there is a base-root system installed already, I can 
> just change to a different console and mount a partition (say, macos) and 
> dpkg -i pppoe.deb. With woody,

Well, with woody, as of 3.0.7, pppoe is included in the base system, so you
have to do the usual mounted/floppy install to get to the base system, then
you can just configure pppoe yourself, and continue on.

Mounted/floppy installs are only kinda supported at the moment --- you have
to switch to VC2 and do a little hacking with b-f's 3.0.7, but there'll be
UI support for it soon. (Actually there might be already, I'm not quite sure)


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