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Re: PPPoE and Boot Floppies

On Tuesday 03 July 2001 19:41, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Regarding this whole PPPoE thing, can someone summarize to me or to
> the todo file our approach, insofar as any changes dbootstrap/b-f
> would have to make?

Well, in potato, because there is a base-root system installed already, I can 
just change to a different console and mount a partition (say, macos) and 
dpkg -i pppoe.deb. With woody, I can't do that, because there is no base-root 
system. So, maybe there's another way?: about the $required list and the 
$base list...what about a $other list: one that you can choose to have, well, 
other stuff installed from a local partition, before it goes out and gets 
stuff. (Is that the discussion of the null:// thing I was seeing earlier? ) 
The $other would consist of packages I choose on the local partition. I just 
don't know if this makes sense because I don't exactly know what's already 
installed, right before the "get it from the network" message. 

BTW, is there any other documentation besides the source about how the woody 
install works, and what's installed first, second, and so on? I'm 
undereducated about this whole thing, and I haven't really found anything 
that helps. Perhaps if I understand this well enough I'll write some docs?


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