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upgrading to a premade kernel after installing with 3.0.7

I installed testing yesterday.

tasksel was a problem, but thats been discussed i think.

The *major* problem i had was upgrading to pre-built 2.4.5 kernel post install, when i first installed 2.4.5 i was told to edit /etc/kernel-img.conf (that didnt exist yet) and add a line "Do_initrd = Yes" (is it case sensitive?), after the kernel package finished installing i found the file and edited it. When i rebooted the kernel couldnt find the root device.... i dunno what i wants as the root device, the real root device, or the initrd.

Sure its not a boot-floppies thing, but it something that needs to be fixed, if i could work out what going on i would write a bug report.


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