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Re: PPPoE and Boot Floppies

On Wed, Jul 04, 2001 at 12:27:03AM -0400, Russell Hires wrote:
> Well, in potato, because there is a base-root system installed already, I can 
> just change to a different console and mount a partition (say, macos) and 
> dpkg -i pppoe.deb. With woody, I can't do that, because there is no base-root 
> system. So, maybe there's another way?: about the $required list and the 
> $base list...what about a $other list: one that you can choose to have, well, 
> other stuff installed from a local partition, before it goes out and gets 
> stuff. (Is that the discussion of the null:// thing I was seeing earlier? ) 
> The $other would consist of packages I choose on the local partition. I just 
> don't know if this makes sense because I don't exactly know what's already 
> installed, right before the "get it from the network" message. 

debootstrap now installs poo over ethernet. 

there will eventually be support in dbootstrap for using basedebs.tgz
on a local partition as the method by which debootstrap aquires its
.debs.  there is no need to get debs individually from a local disk.

> BTW, is there any other documentation besides the source about how the woody 
> install works, and what's installed first, second, and so on? I'm 
> undereducated about this whole thing, and I haven't really found anything 
> that helps. Perhaps if I understand this well enough I'll write some docs?

talk to Chris Tillman, he is rewriting all of the documentation.  

Ethan Benson

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