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Re: [patch] debootstrap basedebs tarball support

On Wed, Jun 27, 2001 at 02:37:32AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:

> It doesn't have a script to actually make base tarballs. Ethan's should
> be usable, if you change a "cd", or if you unpack it yourself.

ill touch up my script when i get a chance to look at the new version
of debootstrap. 

> As far as dbootstrap is concerned, it should add a prompt for fetching
> a basedebs.tgz: either putting it together from floppies, or having it
> on a local hard drive, or possibly on NFS, or similar. If you're using
> that method of getting the base debs, you need to call debootstrap with
> an extra option, so the invocation will look like:
> 	debootstrap --unpack-tarball /path/to/tarball woody /target null:
> . Otherwise everything should be pretty much the same.

ill probably look at this too.

> Someone (Hi Ethan :) will want to build some basedebs.tgz's too. Should be
> pretty straightforward. It should be possible to build basedebs tarballs
> for all architectures from a single machine, too -- just use the --arch
> argument. Untested, though.

it worked for me when i tested my version of the patch, my script
already has an --arch option which will do this.   ill make some
basedebs.tgz on penguinppc.org (assuming debootstrap can deal with the
broken distro running there..) as soon as i get my script fixed up. 

Ethan Benson

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