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ftp/network install very confusing.

Here's a user report. Please take it in the spirit of which it is offered: appreciation for your efforts, and some advice on what I found lacking.

I'm a debian newbie, but not a linux newbie. In general I'm not a newbie with about twenty years of experience with unix, linux and pcs. I've installed Red Hat half a dozen times now. (And don't get me started on how many times I have to (re)insall NT!) I would like to move to debian because I am apt, or hope to be soon.

Okay so I'm ignorant, but I'm not stupid. Given reasonable instructions, I can usually figure things out for myself. Now I gather that you would prefer I install debian from the network and not by first downloading iso cd images, and I want to honor that request, but cannot. To help me install from the net, you've provided the debian boot-floppy system. Well I got to tell you folks, you've tried hard, but you've certainly not made it easy to figure out how to do that. I'm reading through a 90 page installation manual now. The three page quick orientation guide is completely confusing.

In contrast in the background I have very easily located the iso images from kernel.org and am now downloading them.

My suggestion (and I know you have limited resources) is to set a newbie such as myself down in front of a pc and tell them to install debian from ftp and watch what they do.

Best of luck, and thanks for all your efforts.

Jerry Asher
Jerry Asher                       jerry@hollyjerry.org
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