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Re: ftp/network install very confusing.

On Sat, 2 Jun 2001, Jerry Asher wrote:

> I got to tell you folks, you've tried hard, but you've certainly not made 
> it easy to figure out how to do that.  I'm reading through a 90 page 
> installation manual now.  The three page quick orientation guide is 
> completely confusing.

You are /definitely/ not alone!

Almost everybody I've talked to has had that experience.  I think part of
the reason is that the apt system actually works so well that only
beginners have to use the boot floppies and then only once... and they
usually get them from somebody else.  When they get far enough into Debian
to know who to talk to about this problem -- or even to help a little in
improving the system -- they don't have any problem finding the boot
floppy images any longer... or they have moved on to more interesting
problems ;)

> My suggestion (and I know you have limited resources) is to set a newbie 
> such as myself down in front of a pc and tell them to install debian from 
> ftp and watch what they do.

I totally agree.

> Best of luck, and thanks for all your efforts.

>From me too!


Code is much like elephant dung.  The more code, the more bugs.
You have to let it rest a while to make sure that the bugs are gone (and large
heaps rot slowly).

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