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Re: ftp/network install very confusing.

Jerry Asher <jerry@hollyjerry.org> writes:

> Now I gather that you would prefer I install debian from the network
> and not by first downloading iso cd images, and I want to honor that
> request, but cannot.

I think you are talking about the instructions on
http://cdimage.debian.org/ ?

This group (debian-boot) is in charge of the installation system but
not the official CD images per se.  debian-cd@lists.debian.org are
responsible for the CD images and the URL above, feel free to comment
to them separately.

> To help me install from the net, you've provided the
> debian boot-floppy system.

Well, there are ways of generating your own ISO images locally, which
are described at http://cdimage.debian.org/ .

I agree it's a bit tricky to build your own CD images and not
something I would normally recommend doing, esp when you can just buy
a set of a few bucks.

But from this statement it seems that you are wanting to just download
the install system, not a whole CD image, get the basic system going
with that, and install the rest from the network?

> Well I got to tell you folks, you've tried
> hard, but you've certainly not made it easy to figure out how to do
> that.  I'm reading through a 90 page installation manual now. 

You didn't mention so I'll have to assume you are on i386.

Here are some shortcuts...

You will want to read:

  - pick the right "flavor" for i386 based on your hardware

  - see section 5.5.2, about downloading the floppies; note you need
    rescue, root, and driver disks for your flavor (yes, the
    documentation is unclear and needlessly confusing, I agree).

> The three page quick orientation guide is completely confusing.

To which URL to you refer?  

We maintain the installation manual.  I don't know what guide you are
referring to.

> In contrast in the background I have very easily located the iso
> images from kernel.org and am now downloading them.
> My suggestion (and I know you have limited resources) is to set a
> newbie such as myself down in front of a pc and tell them to install
> debian from ftp and watch what they do.

Um, where are we telling the user to install debian from FTP?  In
fact, the standard case is installing from CD-ROM, or lacking that,
floppies, and getting the rest of the system via http.

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