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Bug#99652: dialog boxes confusing - active choice not clear

David Whedon wrote:
> An easy option which may or may not be any better is to not use the 'compact'
> version of buttons for yes/no boxes.  An example of this can be found here:
> http://people.debian.org/~dwhedon/yesno_proposed.png
> for reference this is what the box looks like now:
> http://people.debian.org/~dwhedon/yesno_current.png
> Comments?

I never liked the big button style, but that's just me. I just want to
point out that whiptail has this exact same problem (or maybe they both
inherit it from newt), and one very simple fix is to just make the
button color be the same color as the rest of the dialog box it is in,
until it is selected. Simple and unambiguous. See bug #54265 (open for over
a full year with a known and simple fix, sigh).

FWIW, dialog used to have the same problem, and my suggested fix was
applied and seems to work fine.

see shy jo

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