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Re: termwrap again

> A package for such a small file seems like overkill. How about I put it
> in base-config and whoever we find who understands how it works (You, or
> if not you, I contemplate looking up the original author in the cvs
> logs..) can just maintain it from there. Everyone has commits to
> base-config cvs after all.

Looks good to me, It also seemd a bit hard to me to create a package for it,
but was what most people wanted, and when I was searching a package where it
would fit I didn't find any package where the maintainer wanted it :-)

Base-config seems perfect and cvs access really rules for the ones that
really have to care about termwrap to be able to maintain it.

I say go for it, include it in base-config.

Manty/BestiaTester -> http://manty.net

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