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Re: APUS Debian Boot-Floppies Images and bugs

On Wed, May 16, 2001 at 11:04:51AM +0100, Alan Buxey wrote:
> hi,
> > Well, we could split the kernel in 2 and join it in ram: before launching it.
> > Or we could try for a less than 880Ko modular kernel, but i have not big hopes
> > on this one. Michel Daenzer is the apus kernel package maintainer for debian.
> a small, but brief note:
> IS there not a very very big problem with having the kernel in ram: when
> launching?

Non, i used to do it before, when there was the interrupt issue with the
internal hardrive or the scsi one, don't remember. At that time you had to
copy the stuff to ram:, wait for a bit that no more disk interrupts were
pending, and then launch the stuff.

Unless it changed since then, that is.

> joining two files up into ram: is no problem (6 lines of code max.) but
> doesnt ram: just get completely trashed when the bootstrap loads up the
> kernel (and thus corrupting the kernel image?)

Yes, but at that time, bootstrap will already have copied the kernel code to
it's rigthfull place, so no problem.

> i thought this was the case and people have to have the installer and
> kernel on media, rather than in volatile ram:

ram: in this case is just another media.

> > 3) coordinate with alan for the floppy disk booting thingy.
> working on disk-layout, tools and required libraries now.



sven Luther

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