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kernel-image-di going away

It looks like the standard kernel-image packages (or at least the i386
one and one/enough on other architectures) will soon have all the
modules d-i needs, and the right stuff compiled in. So the
kernel-image-di will probably be going away soon. Good news since it
means someone who knows what they're doing (ie: not me) will be
maintaining it, and it will stay much better in sync with the
kernel-source package.

(I know there's still some debate over whether we should use
tmpfs/ramfs/swapfs/foofs, or what as the ramdisk. Herbert is compiling
in tmpfs for now anyway. Similarly with whether we should use
ext2fs/romfs/blah/bleh for our initrd, I have asked him to build in ext2
for now. These things can always be changed later..)

see shy jo

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