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Boot-floppies 2.2.25 Test Report

          1. Gateway PC with Intel Pentium III processor
          2. 192 Mb ram
          3. IDE boot disk
          4. 3com 3c595 ethernet card with 4mm dat tape drive
          5. AHA 2940 SCSI adapter

     Booted from rescue floppy.

      Loaded NFS and 3c595 modules, configured network to static IP and
attempted to load base system from nfs server.

     Received the following message when attempting to NFS mount from

     "May 15 07:00:37 (none) user.info dbootsrap (136): Error mounting
NFS filesystem sunws12.bgm.link.com:/usr/jimfiles on /instmnt failed:
Invalid argument"

     After two attempts ended in failure, I burned base system floppies
and continued normal installation.

     Selected "simple" software installation and loaded remainder of
software from http site.

     Only problem was inability to NFS mount base system.

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