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Re: Woody install report

>   setenv("LANG", _("C"), 1);
>   add_modules_from_floppy();

> Anybody know why we're setting the LANG to 'C' here, modconf keys off that in
> source_eval().

No, this is not the problem, in fact we are not setting it to C we are
setting it to whatever the translator has put there, wich is supposed to be
the locale used on that language, if you look again at the expresion you'll
see that the "C" is marked for translation, the problem is that some of the
translators didn't translate this.

In the case of galician I had to tell Jacobo to translate it, but still we
only have just a couple of module descriptions in galician, all the rest are
not descripted. In the case of spanish (Jordi, reading this?) the string is
not translated, so we are setting LANG to C for spanish.

> ick, not sure about that one.

It seems that the 8139too is giving us some problems, rtl8139 module goes
ok, however I don't know if all the problems that Jordi saw were caused by
this, I have to go over this when I have some time.

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