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Re: powerpc woody bf installation status

> > Sounds like a good plan. /sbin/dhclient in the deb is a script that
> > calls either dhclient-2.2.x or dhclient-2.0.x depending on uname -r. I
> > just dropped dhclient-2.0.x and dhclient from the EXTRACT lists. I
> > wonder if dhclient-2.2.x is renamed dhclient in the udeb? I suppose
> > I'll just have to see.
> Again, I'm fine with moving to dhclient -- I would prefer to use the
> proper package rather than the udeb, space be damned.

Fine by me, we don't save that much space with the udeb anyway, pretty much the
only difference is the compiler options are -Os.

> > Should I fix dbootstrap to look for dhclient and failing that pump?
> > That would give us more flexibility and it shouldn't be hard to do.
> Sure, please.

Sounds good.


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