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Re: Full install from cd achieved (RFC)

On Sat, May 05, 2001 at 03:49:06PM +0200, Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:
> Well, I have done this on a galician (gl translation thanks to Jacobo Tarrío)

(What's "Galacian" out of curiousity?)

> First of all, I have used some things from unstable to achieve this, I have
> made my local woody Packages files and cds have modutils 2.4.5-2, dpkg 1.9.4
> and debconf 0.9.40. Of this only debconf is really needed (thanks for fixing
> that lock bug, it really works now), but the others help it a bit.

debconf'll go into testing in a couple of days. Unless Joey keeps
uploading every day, of course...

[something about termwrap]
> Well, I don't know if aph has filled a bug on this already against
> debootstrap, but debootstrap still doesn't install this file :-(
> What do we do about this?

Just ask nicely. What's the deal with it? (debootstrap installs packages,
and hacks around whatever configuration it can, particular files and
such should go in base-files, or somewhere, really)

> RFC 2 (debootstrap):
> I have removed fdutils because the interactive setup it has was breaking the
> install, as aj had noticed when building debootstrap 0.1.7, has anybody
> noticed the maintainer about this? shall I do it?

Yup, I filed a bug. The last upload was in '99 though, so it'll probably have
to be NMUed; I'll do that tonight.

> aj: I have noticed you have added libpcre2 to be installed, why this? I
> didn't see anything making it necesary :-?

Actually, I removed libpcre2 and added libpcre3 and it's there coz exim
depends on it.

> The things I have added on woody script so that it install all needed parts
> are: 
> locales, perl, perl-modules, adduser and base-config

In the long term, perl definitely shouldn't be there, and adduser'll
have to be changed to work with perl-base again...

> This is a patch I have made for the locales support, what I do is at the
> beginning put LANG as C so that no error messages about locales are shown on
> console 4, then when locales are installed if the LANG of the install or the
> one chosen on the Language Chooser is different from C I do a locale-gen
> including the LANG that has been selected and set LANG back to that value
> now that we have that locale compiled.


> +echo "LANG=$LANG" >> $TARGET/etc/environment

I'm not seeing why this should be done here instead of in dbootstrap?

> +if [ "$LANG" != C ]; then
> +  sed "s/^#$LANG /$LANG /" $TARGET/etc/locale.gen >$TARGET/etc/locale.gen.tmp
> +  mv $TARGET/etc/locale.gen.tmp $TARGET/etc/locale.gen
> +  in_target locale-gen
>  fi

I take it this is necessary to get localised messages from dpkg for the
remainder of the install?


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