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Re: Full install from cd achieved (RFC)

Santiago Garcia Mantinan <manty@debian.org> writes:

> > > I have removed fdutils because the interactive setup it has was breaking the
> > > install, as aj had noticed when building debootstrap 0.1.7, has anybody
> > > noticed the maintainer about this? shall I do it?
> > yes, please file a serious bug against fdutils.  It is preventing us from making
> > a boot floppy at install time.
> Well, the problem is what should be done to fdutils to correct this, I mean
> changing it to use debconf would do, wouldn't it? but... is there any other
> solution?

To file a bug, it's sufficient to merely report the error that is

Please do so ASAP.  Not having fixed pkgs which are needed for root,
base, etc, causes massive delays in boot-floppies development and

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