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Re: Full install from cd achieved (RFC)

> (What's "Galacian" out of curiousity?)

Galician, not Galacian, or Galego as it is said in Galician is a language
spoken here in Galicia, on the north west of Spain, Galician and Portuguese
are brothers, they once were the same language, Galego-Portugués.

Jacobo adds: There is another Galicia between Poland and Ukraine but it is
unrelated to this language in particular.

> debconf'll go into testing in a couple of days. Unless Joey keeps
> uploading every day, of course...

Yes, I have realised about that :-)

> Just ask nicely. What's the deal with it? (debootstrap installs packages,
> and hacks around whatever configuration it can, particular files and
> such should go in base-files, or somewhere, really)

Termwrap is an script that is run on the first reboot of the machine to set
the LANG and LC variables but its main function is executing a command under
the apropiate terminal so that this terminal supports the characters of the
language we may be using.

> Actually, I removed libpcre2 and added libpcre3 and it's there coz exim
> depends on it.

Oops looks I missed something :-)

> > +echo "LANG=$LANG" >> $TARGET/etc/environment
> I'm not seeing why this should be done here instead of in dbootstrap?

I don't mind where we put it, it was just easier to put it in debootstrap.

But we must arrive to a consensus about this and other things or otherwise
it won't be on either and we won't have boot floppies :-(

> > +if [ "$LANG" != C ]; then
> > +  sed "s/^#$LANG /$LANG /" $TARGET/etc/locale.gen >$TARGET/etc/locale.gen.tmp
> > +  mv $TARGET/etc/locale.gen.tmp $TARGET/etc/locale.gen
> > +  in_target locale-gen
> >  fi
> I take it this is necessary to get localised messages from dpkg for the
> remainder of the install?

Yes, it is for that, and also and most important, so that when we reboot to
run dpkg-reconfigure on base-config it get's the locales compiled.

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