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Re: debian-installer vs boot-floppies

On Wed, Jan 31, 2001 at 09:51:24AM -0800, David Whedon wrote:
> FYI, I'm hoping to have debian-installer complete (though perhaps not feature
> full) for the woody release so it can get a round of testing before it is
> endorsed as _the_ installer. We can have a note about it tucked away somewhere
> with disclaimers of it being 'beta'.  That will give us some good feed-back so
> we'll have a stabel debian-installer for sid.  Reasonable?


(a) the next release won't be sid: sid is permanently unstable. The next
    release will be sarge, or something similar.

(b) I'm hoping to have basically functional b-f's ready RSN [0], which we
    can then spend the next four months testing. I'm hoping by the time
    woody's released, we'll already be in a similar position with d-i,
    and that we'll be able to spend a good six to eight months testing
    it before sarge/woody+1 gets released. So I don't think we need to
    worry about having enough time to test d-i (since it should easily
    have 150% or 200% of the time b-f's will get), and I still think it'd
    be better to not divert people from testing b-f's in the meantime.

(c) I'll be posting to -d-a in the next week or two about the plan for
    testing and freezing and releasing woody, unless a b-f's upload
    beats me to the punch.

(d) debootstrap .debs (not .udebs yet) have made into into sid, fwiw.


[0] Relatively Soon Now

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