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Re: software raid support on install

Tue, Jan 30, 2001 at 03:04:48PM -0600 wrote:
> Has anyone been working on support for root software raid for the debian
> installer yet?
If your referring to debian-installer, the replacement for boot-floppies, I
don't think anything has been done in that area.  If you are referring to
boot-floppies, I don't know.

> I am interested in starting up a project to do so, and was wondering if
> there was any existing work.

Great. Right now debian-installer can generate boot disks and interact in a
limited way with the user, there is much to do.  The only thing somewhat related
to software raid is the partkit module in debian-installer cvs.  It is an
incomplete module. I envision it being able to handle all our partitioning
needs, I'm guessing that software raid would fall into that, somewhere?


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