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Re: Dumb, dumb, dumb (but please help!)

"David Small" <david_b_small@hotmail.com> writes:

>                             So, I rebooted and ended up with the
>                             dreaded "MBR  L 01 01 01 01" situation.
>  I suspect there's something I can do, by moving my HD back to the
>  mother-board, booting from a rescue CD (rescue root=/dev/hda2), and
>  somehow manipulating the MBR, from there.  True?  How?

did you make a custom boot disk?  If you have a kernel which works,
you should be able to boot from that mounting your existing root
partition as the root partition. I can't really get clear information
whether the udma66 flavor of 2.2.20 boot-floppies doesn't support
Promisa ATA100, I think it does not for some reason.

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