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Re: AdvanSys SCSI timeout on 1st kernel boot

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Marc Mongenet <Marc.Mongenet@freesurf.ch> writes:
> > Well, I found nothing about AdvanSys in the Debian boot documentation.
> > Where should I look for ?
> The BootArgs HOWTO (yes, there is a link in the documentation to this)
> and, failing that, the Advansis kernel documentation.

Here is the solution I found:
At the boot: prompt I type:
linux reserve=0xD400,32
This way I think that the other drivers cannot corrupt the setup of my
SCSI card before the AdvanSys driver initializes it.
See <http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/BootPrompt-HOWTO-3.html#ss3.5>
for more details on the "reserve" kernel parameter.

Marc Mongenet

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