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Re: debian-installer: disk partitioner

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Maybe you guys could clue me in on the partitioner you are going to
> use.  You talk about using libparted or libfdisk.  Does the libfdisk
> mean the libfdisk in the boot-floppies CVS area?  Does that mean it
> has to be packaged separately?
> I'm curious because there's a chance I could use the same partitioning
> system for woody boot-floppies.
> --

Well i wrote some code that proccessed the partitions from data in /proc
(posted it a few days back), it doesnt detect filesystems on the
partitions, i was going to try and automount filesystems to workout what
filesystem they are...
That program is doing a similar thing to libfdisk i guess, so we wont
need both, what i did was rough and i havent gotten any feedback yet, so
who knows.

Im going to try and write some main-menu code in the next day or so, we
should be able to use multiple partitoning tools depending on whats


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