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Re: debian-installer: disk partitioner

David Whedon wrote:
> Definately a good aproach.  At first glance libparted would be great if it
> wasn't so large.  I like the idea of being able to resize partitions, which I
> think it does, and I don't think libfdisk does.  But I do want to be able to
> install off a single floppy.

Please bear in mind that the partitioner will be downloaded from
somewhere, so size is not so much an issue here. Size of the partitioner
will only affect how much memory it easts on the ramdisk, which will
bear on how much memory is needed for the install, but a 1 mb
partitioner could be used even if we're doing a single floppy + net

> >  - interface with formatter (or should that be in the partitioner?)
> The formatter should be a separate module.


> The only thing that needs to be communicated is /etc/fstab, right?

Yeah, the formatter just needs to know what partition types to format
what as (and any additional partition-type-specific flags, which it
could be passed or it could prompt for).

see shy jo

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