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Re: dbootstrap problem

Richard Giles <rtgiles@uklinux.net> writes:

> Hi - Please can you help ???
> I am trying to replace Caldera Open Linux 2.4 with Debian 2.2r2 (from
> official CDs). I want to use the exisiting partitions. Dbootstrap
> doesn't let me get past
> "Configure Device Driver Modules"
> When I go in to this section it asks me if I want to skip it, and
> whatever I say it returns me to the previous screen (an infinite
> loop!).

This means that modconf is dying for some reason.  You can touch
"/target/etc/modules" file into existance or use ae to create that
file and the system shoudl get beyond that point.

I don't know why modconf is dying for you.  If you boot with debug
than you can see the exact cmdline and try running that command in
tty2 (esp. if you need to configure some kernel modules to isntall the
rest of the system).

You're booting from the first CD?  Have you also tried booting from
the 2nd Cd instead?

> I gather that dbootstrap remembers information it has gathered
> previously and presumably it does this in a file on my existing Linux
> partition. I suspect the cure may be to make it start afresh but I
> don't know how to do this (doesn't say in install.en.txt as far as I
> can see).

No, it uses various tests to see how far along it has gotten, not a
single file.  The best way to restart from scratch is to reboot and
reformat your partitons.

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