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Re: Arm bf problems - termwrap and null strings

Wookey <wookey@aleph1.co.uk> writes:

> I've got some Arm boot-floppies (from CVS about 10 days ago ~ 2.2.19) which
> nearly work. I've fixed a couple of problems and I'll post diffs here when I
> get a set that work.

Sure.  Do you have (and, if not, want) direct CVS access?

> Current problems are:
> 1) inittab.install in root/bin is the one that gets put in /etc for the
> second-stage install. This runs dpkg-reconfigure with /sbin/termwrap. This
> doesn't work on arm. the problem seems to be that termwrap needs a file
> called /etc/environment, and that isn't present in root/bin or base.tgz. I've
> worked around it by simply removing this from the inittab,

I've got a better workaround -- I've changed the script to only source
/etc/environment if the file actually exists.  Done in CVS.

> 2) dbootstrap falls over trying to set the hostname. If you kill it (so it
> restarts) then it continues but /etc/hostname ends up being "(null)" 9which
> caues more problems later), so I suspect a similar problem to the one below
> but haven't gone into the detail yet - that's next to investigate, straight
> after this mail. I just wonder if this is a prob others found which is now
> fixed in CVS?

Not that I know of.  I suggest we keep looking into this.

> Fixed problems are: in utilities/dbootstrap/bootconfig.c. dbootsrap bombs out
> with a segfault when you select 'make drive bootable'. This is because
> 'Arch2' is null for arm when it gets tested to see if it is 'acorn' or
> 'netwinder' in order to decide which message explaining why this option is
> pointless to print :-). (not sure why it segfaults rather than justs prints
> neither message). This is fixed in utilities/dbootstrap/main.c in
> (get_arm_model which needs 
>     if (!strcmp(buf, "acorn-", 6)) {
> changing to 
>     if (!strncasecmp(buf, "acorn-", 6)) {
> Also I note this prob always occurs if you use bootconfig_test as the
> get_arm_model fn in main is not available. This must also
> be true for get_alpha_model which was already in bootconfig.c for the
> _TESTING_ case, presumably someone else's optimistic attempt to get it to
> work :-)

Sounds good, looking forward to your patch.  Hope it comes soon.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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